Employers Accommodation Policy

Ozhealth has a minimum standard of accommodation which should be provided by practices to its sub-contracted locums during placements.

Ozhealth's Locum Accommodation Policy

Ozhealth has a minimum standard of accommodation which should be provided by practices to its sub- contracted locums during placements.

The accommodation should be fully furnished, self-contained, double room – either a house or unit in good condition, clean and in good working order.

If this is not available, reasonably priced double occupancy motel accommodation with cooking and laundry facilities is acceptable. Shared accommodation is not recommended. Where the locum brings dependents, additional bedrooms will be required.

Clean linen, cutlery and kitchenware is to be included and equipment in good working order – such as TV, light bulbs and plumbing. Some provisions, such as milk, tea and coffee are appreciated, should the locum arrive after hours or on weekends when no food services are available.

Written instructions on any household equipment (e.g. microwave, household alarm systems) should be provided and information about rubbish collection, location of the fuse box and a list of telephone numbers in case of emergency should also be provided. Some community information (location of supermarkets, petrol stations, post office, suitable pubs and clubs, local areas of interest) and a town map would be helpful to provide as a reference. Locums should not be expected to care for pets, livestock or gardens unless the locum has agreed to such an arrangement in advance.


  • "‘Zorica, you must be strongly commended for your meticulous work and follow up in everything you have done. From planning to completion, it has been so positive.
    We are hoping to allocate more time for Australian locums, and to maintain our relationship with you and Ozhealth. ‘"

    Dr G. Richards, NZ
  • "I had worked with different agents through my search as doctor for locum and for permanent jobs. I find Katarina from Ozhealth an amazing person, caring and very professional. She has good knowledge on dealing with doctors (IMG) and she has a great load of experience particularly around rural areas. I will definitely recommend Ozhealth."

    Dr Mohammed Alnaima
  • "My job as a General Practitioner in a small town on the Sunshine Coast has been a dream come true.I am practicing in a clinic in a beautiful small town away from the big city. I feel independent and very much the 'small town doc,' yet I am supported by wonderful specialists and administration as well as enjoying a much deserved work / life balance."

    Dr John Smith – QLD